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blueprintignore - ignore specific resources when creating blueprints




Lines in /etc/blueprintignore and ~/.blueprintignore are interpreted as in blueprint-rules(5) but in a negative context - rules enumerate resources to be ignored and !-prefixed rules unignore resources.

As part of blueprint-create(1), the /etc/blueprintignore and ~/.blueprintignore files that were used to create the blueprint are stored in the local blueprint repository.

There are many resources that are ignored by default. These defaults are not meant to be an exhuastive list of exceptions and edge cases. Rather, they're meant to cover typical base installations without hassle.


The following files and directories are part of the default ignore list. They can be negated using ! just like any other pattern.

The following files are ignored if their content matches an expected hash. They can be negated using ! just like any other pattern. These comparisions are made to augment searching files from packages to handle files that are part of packages but are not explicitly listed.


All APT- or Yum-managed packages considered essential to the system are part of the default ignore list.

Debian packages that are listed as essential, important, required, or standard and those that are depended upon by ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard, or ubuntu-desktop are ignored.

Yum packages that are part of the base, core, or gnome-desktop groups are ignored.


By default, all directories except /usr/local are ignored as source resources. If it is necessary to build and install software from source in another directory, use a negated source resource such as !:source:/opt.


The local repsitory where blueprints are stored, each on its own branch.
/etc/blueprintignore, ~/.blueprintignore
Lists of filename patterns to be ignored when creating blueprints.
/tmp/blueprint-apt-exclusions, /tmp/blueprint-yum-exclusions
The lists of APT- and Yum-managed packages considered essential.
A cached copy of the complete list of ignore rules.


The Flaming Lips - "The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)"


Richard Crowley richard@devstructure.com


Part of blueprint(1).

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