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blueprint-rules - create a blueprint from a blueprint-rules file


blueprint rules [-P|-C|-S|...] [-m message] [-r] [-q] [pathname]


blueprint-rules renders the blueprint-rules(5) file pathname and stores the resulting blueprint in a branch of the local blueprint repository with the commit message (if given). The branch name is the basename of pathname with its extension (conventionally .blueprint-rules) removed.

If standard input is not a TTY or pathname is -, rules are read from standard input.

The rendered blueprint will contain only the resources enumerated in pathname (or on standard input), opening the possibility of creating multiple orthogonal blueprints from the same system.

If one of --puppet, --chef, --sh, or --cfn is given, a Puppet module, a Chef cookbook, POSIX shell code, or an AWS CloudFormation template will be generated, written to a file or directory in the current working directory, and its filename will be printed to standard output.


-P, --puppet
Generate a Puppet module.
-C, --chef
Generate a Chef cookbook.
-S, --sh
Generate POSIX shell code.
Generate an AWS CloudFormation template.
-m message, --message=message
Commit message.
-r, --relaxed
Relax version constraints in generated code.
-q, --quiet
Operate quietly.
-h, --help
Show a help message.


The local repsitory where blueprints are stored, each on its own branch.


The Flaming Lips - "The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)"


Richard Crowley richard@devstructure.com


Part of blueprint(1).

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