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blueprint-create - create a blueprint


blueprint create [-d subtrahend] [-P|-C|-S|...] [-m message] [-r] [-q] name


blueprint-create creates a list of all installed packages and modified configuration files and stores it in the branch name in the local blueprint repository with the commit message (if given).

If standard input is not a TTY, a blueprint is read from standard input rather than created from the system. See blueprint(5) for the details of the format.

If a subtrahend is given, it is subtracted from the generated or provided blueprint and the difference is committed as name.

If one of --puppet, --chef, --sh, or --cfn is given, a Puppet module, a Chef cookbook, POSIX shell code, or an AWS CloudFormation template will be generated, written to a file or directory in the current working directory, and its filename will be printed to standard output.

Debian packages, Ruby gems, NPM packages, Python packages, PHP PEAR/PECL packages are enumerated in the blueprint.

The contents of system configuration files in /etc that have been created or modified from their packaged versions will be included in the blueprint. If file is found to have a corresponding template (a file with ".blueprint-template.mustache" appended to its pathname) and optionally a corresponding data script (a file with ".blueprint-template.sh" appended to its pathname), this template and data are included in the blueprint rather than the file's literal content.

Anything installed in /usr/local will be archived and included in the blueprint, tagged with the architecture of the local system.

blueprintignore(5) provides means for ignoring specific files and packages plus treating arbitrary directories as /usr/local is treated.


-d subtrahend, --diff=subtrahend
Blueprint to subtract from the generated blueprint.
-P, --puppet
Generate a Puppet module.
-C, --chef
Generate a Chef cookbook.
-S, --sh
Generate POSIX shell code.
Generate an AWS CloudFormation template.
-m message, --message=message
Commit message.
-r, --relaxed
Relax version constraints in generated code.
-q, --quiet
Operate quietly.
-h, --help
Show a help message.


The local repsitory where blueprints are stored, each on its own branch.
/etc/blueprintignore, ~/.blueprintignore
Lists of filename patterns to be ignored when creating blueprints. See blueprintignore(5).


The Flaming Lips - "The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)"


Richard Crowley richard@devstructure.com


Part of blueprint(1).

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